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Dark souls dsfix not working.DSfix is working, but can’t change resolution or textures. What is happening?


Dark souls dsfix not working


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.DSfix not working properly – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition


Then DSFix would render your Dark Souls at x but your Game/Screen can only handle x Try using DSFix with a x preset or x, this should help. I Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. rows · Jan 28,  · 1) Delete previous version of the mod if you have any. 2) Place the contents . Jan 17,  · View Profile View Posts. Jan 18, @ am. makes dsfix run, if you remove or rename it, then dsfix won’t have effect (so if then the game runs for you it simply means that the dsfix-related setting that was making your game crash, isn’t effective now and so the game doesn’t crash any longer) make sure you’re using this, since .


Dark souls dsfix not working.I cant get DSfix to work – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced System Settings (on the left) -> Performance Settings -> Data Execution Prevention -> Turn On DEP for all except those I select -> Add This prevents your security system from blocking DSfix. May 25,  · DSfix mouse not working – posted in Dark Souls Mod Troubleshooting: I downloaded DSfix and DSMfix. First my mouse was working, then i disabled the cursor, and now it isnt working. (i now have the cursor visible again So what did i break (if any) and how do i fix it? I installed Dark Souls and DSfix, and had to rename the movWW folder for it to work (It stopped working every time on). I know DSfix works, because I can skip the logos when I start the game and the backups also work. But I can’t change resolution and textures (including DSfix logo at start screen), which was the main reason I installed it.
DSfix not working properly
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DSfix doesn’t seem to work? :: DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition General Discussions
I cant get DSfix to work

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