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Empire total war difficulty.Differences between Difficulty Levels?


Empire total war difficulty


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Jul 31,  · › Empire: Total War. What does changing the difficulty levels affect? I eventually moved campaign difficulty down to hard, and while people still going out of their way to make war with me (Britain has lots of trouble but still finds the time to send a full fleet with a full stack army to brandenburg, just to get themselves crushed by my. Total War: WARHAMMER II. In Legendary difficulty game only allows you to have an autosave file that saves when: You get attacked (get besieged, ambushed, intercepted in underway) or when you attack (engage an enemy army, siege a settlement, activate a ruin, have a chance to intercept an enemy army travelling by underway, or initiate an. Empire: Total War; difficulty settings, what do they change? User Info: Sephirothcat Sephirothcat 12 years ago #1. I am very curious as to what the difficulty levels change in the game. Do they actually make the AI smarter in battle, or is it more of a dmg bonus type ted Reading Time: 3 mins.


Empire total war difficulty.What does changing the difficulty levels affect? — Total War Forums

Sep 30,  · The main difficulty factor’s I have example’s of are listed below: (based on Ottoman campaign start) * Army Upkeep: Easy = 3, / Very Hard = 3, * Navy Upkeep: Easy = / Very Hard = * Town Watch: Easy = / Very Hard = 1, (ouch!) * Constuction and infrastructure costs are greater: eg. Farm upgrade: Easy = / Very Hard = I’ve played vanilla exclusively for Empire (Never liked Darthmod), I have around hours total for it. The problem with very hard difficulty for battles is that the AI gets way too many hidden bonus’. Some include hidden accuracy upgrades, more melee defense and more melee attack. You can’t see them in . Mar 05,  · To some degree yes. But in ETW battle difficulty setting gives direct boosts to AI unit stats on top of their other stats. Based on my experience in ER, hard battle difficulty gives some boost to the AI without feeling like blatant cheating (couple of minor examples aside) while very hard boosts morale to such levels untrained militia is nearly on par with fresh elite troops with the mod’s.
What does changing the difficulty levels affect?
Empire: Total War
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difficulty settings, what do they change?
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