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Fender g-dec.Fender G-DEC Guitar Digital Entertainment Center 15-Watt 1×8″ Guitar Practice Amp 2005 – 2010


Fender g-dec


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– Check your Fender G-DEC 3’s screen for update progress. Updating the firmware from the Fender G-DEC 3 front panel: Download the file containing the latest Fender G-DEC 3 firmware here. – Copy the file to an SD card. – With the Fender G-DEC 3 powered off, insert the SD card into the unit. – Power the unit on and follow the on-screen. The Fender G-Dec, Guitar Digital Entertainment Center, is a state of the art guitar amplifier produced by Fender. It not only comes with preset amp effects and amp modelings, but it also comes with jam tracks from your favorite artists in metal, punk, rock, county, and rockabilly. Nov 21,  · At its heart the G-DEC is a modest watt modelling amplifier with an eight-inch speaker and single tone and volume knobs, but it has as much signal processing power as Fender´s Cyber Series amplifiers, endowing it with 17 different amp types, 29 effects and 10 reverbs, plus a built-in tuner. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU 4/5.


Fender g-dec.Fender G-DEC – Wikipedia

The Fender G-DEC (Guitar Digital Entertainment Center) is a family of “teaching” and practice amplifiers, manufactured by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, that all feature amp modelling and effects, drum/bass patterns, teaching and performance backing loops, internal synth with Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. 13 user reviews of G-DEC by Fender. Positive: Mixed: Negative: G-DEC Kajinaga It has introduced me into so much. It’s a great amp to learn with. Aug 05, am Aug 05, am. 1. Dec 14,  · In recent years Fender seems to have a habit of coming out with new products and then dropping them. I have one such amp — a Jazzmaster Ultralight which I like a LOT. Introduced around , it was one of Fender’s best kept secrets. Then — POOFF — it was gone. When mine “goes”, that will be the end of it.
Fender G-DEC
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Nanotechnology for sports – from balls to socks

We talked a lot about the fact that nanotechnology in the future can become a good basis for creating semiconductor microcircuits (or nanocircuits?) new generation. However, although the importance of the semiconductor industry for the modern world is difficult to overestimate, nanotechnology can be useful not only in it. For example, NanoDynamics has used nanotechnology to develop … a golf ball that has better performance than conventional balls.

The fact is that when hitting the ball with a club, only a part of its kinetic energy is converted into the kinetic energy of the ball, and the missing part of the energy is spent on the deformation of the ball and the club. The developers are not going to improve the stick yet, although, who knows, maybe this will be their next step, but they propose to use balls, the outer surface of which is made of nanotube material. Studies have shown that such balls deform much less, and, as a result, fly straighter, and when they collide with an obstacle, they spring less.

According to the company, the balls improved with the help of nanotechnology will go on sale next spring at a price of $ 7-8.

In addition to NanoDynamics, other companies have shown interest in the use of nanotechnology in sports, for example, Easton Sports is working on the creation of bicycle parts from carbon nanotubes – the developers believe that such parts will be lighter and stronger than conventional materials. There are firms working on tennis balls, finally, NanoHorizons has already released socks woven from threads with some content of gold and silver nanoparticles. These socks are said to kill bacteria responsible for bad odor.

Let us note from ourselves that, despite the arshin letters in the word “nanotechnology”, in this case the effect of their use will be rather psychological – in this way, manufacturers of sports equipment offer goods at a priori overpriced, while the real effect may be somewhat times lower than the price difference.

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