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How to reduce liberty desire eu4.Liberty Desire Cheat


How to reduce liberty desire eu4


General Information.How to reduce Liberty Desire and other questions. :: Europa Universalis IV General Discussions


Syntax. add_liberty_desire [amount] [country tag] Amount. The amount of liberty desire you wish to add to the target country. Specify a negative number to remove liberty desire. Country Tag. Optional. If specified, the country with the specified tag will have their liberty desire modified. If not specified, the liberty desire of the country you are currently playing as will be changed. You can remove liberty desire from your country by specifying a negative number, this command would remove 10 liberty desire: add_liberty_desire To add or remove liberty desire from a country other than your own, you can specify a country tag after the amount (separated by a space). Aug 09,  · In addition to all the standard stuff for reducing liberty desire, most of the liberty desire is because Castile is more powerful than you militarily. Expand your armies and you’ll see a quick reduction in liberty desire. The long term solution is for Portugal to expand and surpass Castile in power. Begin taking land from Morocco.


How to reduce liberty desire eu4.How to Use the Liberty Desire Cheat | EU4 Cheats

Feb 01,  · Subscribe? Thank you. Sep 03,  · You can send gift in form of money which can reduce Liberty desire. The amount you decide. Also keep your diplomat there until liberty desire is under 50%. This can and will take time. Patience is the keyword. I have experienced many times that a vassal is outraged when conquered but with diplomacy, money and time becomes loyal. Apr 24,  · This will reduce the vassal’s liberty desire by half of the total development granted to it, temporarily offsetting the increase in liberty desire that vassals get from becoming more powerful and gaining more development – feeding a vassal even development worth of land will reduce its liberty desire by %(but increase it again by 50%.
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Add_liberty_desire Command Help & Examples | EU4 Cheats
EU4 Add_liberty_desire Command

Reducing Liberty Desire? | Paradox Interactive Forums
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