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Kerbal space program screenshot.Kerbal Space Program Screenshot Gallery


Kerbal space program screenshot


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Here’s how to enable it: In the main “Kerbal Space Program” folder (the folder that “GameData” [the mod folder,] is in,) there’s a file called Open it in any text editor. Now find the line with “SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE”. Set the number of this property to the factor which you want your screen resolution to be multiplied by. Jul 26,  · Kerbal Space Program Screenshot Gallery. Kerbal Space Program is a computer game in which the player can build spacecraft, aircraft, and spaceplanes to their own design and use them on missions, both robotic and with crews, to explore the planetary system of the star Kerbol. The space program is conducted on behalf of the Kerbals, inhabitants of planet Kerbin, and the player manages . Apr 12,  · When using steam press F12 to take a screenshot, when you exit the game a window should appear and give you the option to delete/view/upload/etc your screenshots. If you don’t see this window or accidentally close it you can also get the same options by clicking the View Screenshot Library button on the page for the game in your library.


Kerbal space program screenshot.screenshots :: Kerbal Space Program General Discussions

on this page you can set the screenshot key. If F12 isnt listed in the box, add it and hit OK. Now it will take screenshots when you push FIn the list on the left, now choose “cloud” On that page you can enable the screenshot uploader to open when you close a game. (It only opens if you took screenshots that game session). 17 hours ago · k votes, 94 comments. m members in the KerbalSpaceProgram community. The Kerbal Space Program subreddit. For all your gaming related, space . Oct 23,  · Oct 23, @ pm. There are two places actually, one for KSP and one for Steam. Each has its own screenshot capture key too. The KSP directory should look something like ” \Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\Screenshots”. The Steam screenshot directories follow the pattern, ” \Games\Steam\userdata\\\remote\\screenshots”–but those .

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Kerbal Space Program Screenshot Gallery – Open Up Now

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Screenshots :: Kerbal Space Program General Discussions
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