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Perception pillars of eternity.Pillars of Eternity: Perception


Perception pillars of eternity


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Pillars of Eternity. Dialogue Checks – Way too much Perception and Resolve checks. User Info: HighOnPhazon. HighOnPhazon 6 years ago #1. I’ve been noticing that at least up to the point in the Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Perception Attribute in Pillars of Eternity (“Project Eternity”) “Perception” is an Attribute in Pillars of Eternity. Each point of Perception over 10 now gives +1 accuracy. How does the point of accuracy compare to the 3% damage increase of Might? So, I roughly just started Pillars of Eternity 2, made my way to Neketaka, and on arrival it let me do something that made me actually laugh and have respect for Berath, and its the simple fact that she lets you.


Perception pillars of eternity.pillars of eternity – How does perception work? – Arqade

I haven’t gotten too far yet, but it seems that just like in PoE, maxed perception is pretty much a given since having a high accuracy, to reduce the number of misses and grazes, is essential. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I missing something? Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. Mar 09,  · 2nd: edit: basically Pillars has three damage stats: Might, Dex, and Per. Might gives the most damage *up front*, per-hit, which matters vs. armor or against weak enemies you can instakill. Dex gives the most damage *over time*, which matters strategically over the course of . Per point of Perception above/below 10, a character gains: ±2 to their Reflex defense. ±3 to the Interrupt potential of their attacks. ±1 to the Accuracy of their attacks. For how to increase your accuracy: Accuracy is part of the combat game mechanics in Pillars of Eternity.
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Dialogue Checks – Way too much Perception and Resolve checks – Pillars of Eternity
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