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Sony bravia with ps2 built in.Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 TV with PS2 built-in parties like it’s 2000


Sony bravia with ps2 built in


FIND A PRODUCT.Sony Bravia KDLPX TV with PS2 built-in parties like it’s – CNET


May 20,  · So i just bought a Sony Bravia with a ps2 built in quite cheaply for 60 euro. I understand that they’re quite rare and a collectable and bought it because it is another cool thing in my expanding inventory so was wondering if some people know what the average price of this is since i don’t see them that much here and maybe they’re cheaper where you live so. Dec 06,  · The new Bravia KDLPX LCD television is every bit as bonkers as His Purpleness himself, as it has a PlayStation 2 built into it. The X is Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Dec 03,  · Bravia with a built in PS2 Sony has released a television with a difference – with the Bravia KDLPX offers built in PS2 functionality allowing you to Author: Patrick Goss.


Sony bravia with ps2 built in.New Sony Bravia HD Ready TV Comes with Built-in Playstation 2 Console

Mar 09,  · just picked up a quite rare Sony Bravia Tv with a built in PS2 console only released in the uk at one retail store this is quite a hard item to find now – it. The Sony KDL22PX also has BRAVIA Internet Video Access and a full Sony PlayStation 2 built-in! Yes, you did read that correctly, a Sony PS2 built-in! This means that you can not only playback DVDs and CDs through the TV but also any old Play Station games you may still have. Dec 05,  · Hitting UK shelves just in time for Christmas is this p, inch Sony Bravia TV with a delicious twist — a built-in Playstation 2 for all of your last-gen’ needs. According to a recent listing, the Sony BraviaKDLPX will retail at the modest price-point of £ (that’s about $ dollars), and will allow users to play PS2 games, audio CDs, DVDs and PSone games, thanks to a fully-fledged disc .
Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 offers built in PlayStation 2
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Cooler VF700: active cooling for video cards from Zalman

The Korean company Zalman, known primarily for its original cooling systems for personal computer components, needs no introduction. An unconventional approach of developers to creating such a seemingly well-studied device along and across the board, like a heat sink, has borne fruit ? the company’s products are always recognizable and adorn the windows of many computer stores. The idea of ​​constructing a prefabricated heatsink made of plates of metals with high thermal conductivity (primarily copper and aluminum) is well traced in the last seven thousandth series of CPU coolers. Now the “petal” technology (Flower Heatsink, FHS) has been tamed to remove heat from a whole bunch of heating elements of modern graphic cards.

Photos of the VF700 cooler have been walking around the network for a long time, but nothing was known about its technical characteristics. Last weekend, employees of the Chinese resource overclocker.com.cn from sources close to the official ones, we managed to get the first information about the new product:

As usual, the line includes two models, completely copper and copper-aluminum, differing respectively in the ability to remove heat from the video processor, weight and price. The VF700-Cu version weighs 270g., VF700-ALCu ? 180 g. The radiator for both has the same shape and has an asymmetrical design, its height is 30 mm. Typically, the distance between adjacent expansion slots on the motherboard is approximately 20 mm, thus, the slot adjacent to the graphics card slot will remain inaccessible. If you want to install a pair of coolers on each of the graphics accelerators in an SLI system, then you should choose a motherboard with a distance of 60 mm between PCI-E x16 connectors (i.e.(i.e. 2 slots for the periphery should be placed between them): given the height of the crystal of the video processor of the master card and the protruding elements of the slave, the open design of the radiator will be dangerously close to the conductors on the surface of the textolite of the second video card and a short circuit is possible. And considering that the fan blows air to cool the radiator fins, the standard 40 mm. will not allow to normally remove heat from a very hot leading video accelerator. The manufacturer honestly warns about the incompatibility of the cooler with video cards from Matrox and the PCX line from NVIDIA.

The fan itself with a diameter of 70 mm. contains 2 ball bearings and has a relatively large number of thin blades. It is shifted slightly to the side from the main heating surface and now there will be no “dead zone” above the video core crystal. In the “Silent Mode” (~ 1350 rpm./ min.) the whole structure creates noise in the region of 18.5 dB, thus a very good compromise was found between cooling efficiency and noise. The package includes mini-heatsinks for memory chips and a fan speed controller ZM-MC1. There is initial information about the price ? she will be within 270 ? 340 yuan (33 ? $ 41.), which is quite traditional for a Korean manufacturer.

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