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Training grounds walking dead.Beginner Guide


Training grounds walking dead


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Mar 26,  · @Rorshack– Here is what the survivors I’ve tracked have had for training times (I haven’t tracked a lot of them). Some of these I have two or three different training times for each level, so there some variations based on max level/tier/ and/or other factors, so take these times as a general guideline. Level 7 to 8 – 2 hours Level 8 to 9 – 2h. Sep 01,  · Also important in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the material post, since this always must be upgraded to have enough space for material. Another important building in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the training ground. Here you can convert survived into characters that you can then use to level up your people. Training Grounds. Level 1. Requirements: Council Level 2; Upgrade Cost: Supplies; Upgrade Time: Building Points: 9; Capability: Max Survivor Level = 2; Level 2. Requirements: Council Level 2; Upgrade Cost: Supplies; Upgrade Time: 5 minutes; Building Points: 11; Capability: Max Survivor Level = 3; Level 3. Requirements: Council Level 3; Upgrade Cost: 2, Supplies.


Training grounds walking dead.New Training Grounds – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

You can help The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Wiki by expanding it. Training Ground. This makeshift training area helps develop survivors into hardened battle-ready teammates. The Training Ground is a building in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. 21 rows · The Training Ground is where you train the survivors you’ve rescued. 1 Description of Each Levels. Mar 10,  · Enable training grounds upgrade, that would unlock new screen with slot(s) similar to those in the hospital. Max lvl of survivors is not impacted. At this screen, you can put any hero/non-hero into the slot(s), where they stay busy for 24hrs. Massive gold amount can speed up the process, similar to a standard equipment upgrade or level up.
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