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Usb 3.0 boost asus.Faster USB 3.0 Performance: Examining UASP And Turbo Mode


Usb 3.0 boost asus


Enabling UAS On Older USB 3.0-Equipped Motherboards.ASUS – The Best USB Experience – USB Leadership


– ASUS UEFI BIOS EZ Mode featuring friendly graphics user interface – USB Boost ASUS Quiet Thermal Solution: Stylish Fanless Design Heat-sink solution – ASUS Fan Xpert ASUS EZ DIY: . With exclusive USB Boost technology, ASUS leads the industry in USB transmission speeds by boosting the performance up to % as the world’s first motherboard manufacturer to support USB UASP for exceptional performance. Aug 04,  · *Version requirement of USB Boost: For AI Suite II-USB Boost,the required version is or higher. For AI Suite III-USB Boost,the required version is or higher.


Usb 3.0 boost asus.What Is ASUS USB 3 Boost And UASP? | ROG – Republic of Gamers Global

Nov 09,  · The USB Boost software from Asus is designed to take advantage of the recently introduced UASP (USB attached SCSI protocol) to give a performance boost to supported USB devices, but also includes performance optimization features for non-UASP devices. The main advantage of this new protocol is that it can handle multiple commands at once, rather than the single command . 86 rows · USB is here and ASUS brings you next-gen data transfers before anyone else on the . Jun 20,  · Windows 7’s driver stack doesn’t include UAS support, which is why Asus’ USB Boost utility driver configuration files in a sub-installation folder. These driver configuration files.
2-step installation to ensure the best USB 3.1 performance
Asus USB 3 Boost
Asus USB 3 Boost

The world’s most comprehensive USB3.1 solutions
Upgrade Your ASUS Motherboard For Ultimate-speed USB
Unofficial modified drivers for ATI video cards

The NGO Group has released a new version of unofficial modified drivers for ATI video cards.

Here’s what is known about this release:

  • Based on official Catalyst 4 drivers.10.
  • Added selection of four OpenGL drivers.
  • Added new OpenGL / DirectX settings.
  • Improved performance under OpenGL games.
  • Added new feature from ATI – AI.

Use these drivers at your own risk. Download them from here:

  • ATI Optimized Driver v.one.6 (non official)

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